Opportunity.gifAt GNR Technologies®, our satisfaction comes from knowing that we are a molding a better environment through our constructive use of millions of used tires.

As a full service manufacturer of molded proprietary solutions for Parking Lot Safety, our proven contribution to improving parking safety continues to progress. Over the last 13 years, our product acceptance has grown exponentially in the U.S. and several other market places abroad.

GNR Technologies® has evolved by creating improved solutions to existing products addressing the perils of today's parking facilities. The criterion for product development has been based on large volume potential along with built in convenience for transportation and installation. The net result is a better, high performing product, with very competitive pricing.

The above criterion has made GNR Technologies® an ideal opportunity for anyone wanting to add our line to an existing relevant line-up; or start anew by building a Distribution business where high margins can be obtained at the Dealer and End-User levels. GNR markets through the best possible select Distributors servicing relevant industries, while never selling directly to the end-user. GNR distributors recognize our unusual commitment to remaining involved throughout the training and selling process. Awareness is an ongoing goal at GNR in bringing marketing and messaging to the forefront for all to benefit.

Various opportunities exist in the end-user market for our distributors. GNR solutions are versatile and can be used for many applications. Some of the major end-user target markets for GNR products include:


GNR Technologies® has an exciting value proposition. To further your knowledge about this expanding opportunity, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone: 1 (800) 641-4143.


  Value Proposition



GNR products and solutions offer excellent sales opportunities. Choosing rubber over concrete, asphalt or other material alternatives offer several benefits:

  • Our products are uniformly made
  • Easy handling and storage - removable and relocatable
  • Products are ready to pick up and install
  • Easy installation
    • Requires one person
    • Takes approximately 2 - 6 minutes per unit
    • Little equipment required
  • Lightweight product lowers the cost of transportation and labor
  • Will not break in transit or during installation process
  • Will not warp, crack, chip or rot 
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light, moisture, oil and extreme temperature variations
  • no health hazards
  • requires little or no maintenance
  • warranty on all our products



GNR Support

support.gifWith our many years of experience in the industry, we have learned the value of customer satisfaction and the need for frequent communication with our clients. It is important to us that our distributors succeed. Your achievements help our company grow. To help you along your road to success, we offer constant support including hands on sales assistance, excellent customer service, and assistance in marketing.



Contractor's Guide

To view or print our Contractor's Guide click here


Distributor Testimonials


"All of GNR products, that I've seen, are quality engineered products backed by an honest and highly reputable company. GNR not only produces a quality product that will most certainly increase your company's bottom line, but they also provide sales support every step of the way. You'll get up-to-date, professionally printed sales literature, product samples, installation videos and manuals, and other sales tools that help you make the sale. Believe it or not, they even share their sales leads! And most important to us, is that they "protect" the leads that we share with them.

To me, this is the most important part of our relationship. Mutual RESPECT and TRUST. I know I can trust GNR, both the people who work there and the quality of the products they make. It's a privilege to be a GNR distributor and we thank them for that opportunity!"

Rick Balestino

TLCTrafficSafety.com - Rubber Parking Curbs, Speed Bumps & Speed Humps

"For over 10 years we have been supplying GNR products throughout Atlantic Canada. Our many customers include towns & municipalities, universities and colleges, shopping centres, national and provincial parks, property groups and general contractors.

GNR offers products for a wide range of traffic calming & parking lot safety solutions. These products are well made, durable and easy to install, which represents great value to our customers.

GNR has always responded quickly to our requests and has inventory on hand that can be shipped out on short notice when needed. They offer valuable product training and sales support on a continuous basis as well.

We appreciate the relationship we have with GNR and look forward to continuing to work together in the future.”

Gary Vaters

sojournsigns.ca - Traffic Solutions, Traffic Control